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Bud Light Can Bud Light Can

Attention Light Beer Drinkers

Easy to drink, Easy to enjoy. That’s what Bud Light and its simple, iconic 4 ingredient recipe has always stood for.

We believe in brewing the highest-quality light beer on Earth. And that's why we pay special attention to every step throughout the brewing process to ensure the Bud Light in your hands is the best it can be with every single sip.

four ingredients.

one crisp taste.


This aromatic ingredient is actually a flower and provides Bud Light with its smell and slight bitterness.


An ancient grain and a whole grain, barley gives Bud Light its signature malt character and golden color.


One of the world's most important natural resources, the consistency, quality, and purity of water truly matters when brewing Bud Light.


Grown in over 100 countries and eaten by more people in the world than any other grain, rice also provides Bud Light with its crisp, clean finish.